The Best Water Slide & Spacewalk Rentals in Mandeville, Covington, Madisonville, Abita Springs, Slidell, Hammond and Ponchatoula

Dry Slide Rentals


All of our inflatable slide rentals are clean in LIKE-NEW condition! We have a reputation for renting only the BEST party inflatables in Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, Hammond, Ponchatoula, Madisonville, Abita Springs, and surrounding areas.

In cooler seasons, when a water slide won’t work at your event, there’s no reason to stop the party! Our dry slides are the perfect party solution to keep your guests having fun on any occasion.

Rental Type: Inflatable Dry Slide

Climb to soaring heights and zoom down from the top of this beautiful, blue and gray slide. The 19ft slide is nice and tall but also fits well in most front or backyard grassy areas. The slide works great for kids of all ages and the simple blue/gray colors make a bright statement at any event.

Rental Type: Inflatable Dry Slide

The kids might just “Hulk-Out” on the giant Mean Green Inflatable Dry Slide! Everyone will have a great time climbing and sliding on this big, green slide. The 19ft slide offers a high peak to slide from and the monster-green, yellow and blue colors really pop at any party.

Rental Type: Inflatable Dry Slide

Want to know how to get some attention at your next big event? Rent the Towering Heights Dry Slide for your party goers to enjoy. Not only is this huge 19ft dry slide exciting to climb and slide, it is also very eye-catching and can certainly help draw in the crowds to your event.

Extra care needs to go into cleaning our inflatable dry slides each and every time it is used. So, we pride ourselves in not skipping any steps in our cleaning process here at Jumbo Jumpers. Cleaning our slide party rentals is more than just a part of the job … it’s the most important part. During our cleaning, we do not use any harsh chemicals. Taking the time to carefully clean our dry slides will help prevent the spreading of germs. Rent your slide now!

We take safety seriously! We thoroughly examine our dry slides from top to bottom—every square inch—to inspect for trouble. Our inflatables have numerous safety features that meet and or exceed safety guidelines. Furthermore, we are extensively trained on proper set-up of our inflatable slides. Also, the safety rules are posted it and it is important that they are followed while using our inflatables for Jumbo Jumpers. We want to make sure your family and friends are safe.

A child’s party isn’t complete without a dry slide rental from Jumbo Jumpers. With an all-day rental, you can be sure that kids will play for hours and hours. As a matter of fact, let us help you find the right dry slide to put the fun in your party. We have the slide party rental to add the fun into your celebration. We always strive to create the most successful party experience possible because creating memories is always a good time.

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