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Over the years, we have collected some of the most common questions that our customers ask. Here we have posted them along with our official answers. However, as we continue to work with customers, we know that other questions may need answers. If you have a question, please call us. We will be happy to answer your questions…and maybe they can be added to the below FAQ!

NO. Only water is allowed on the water slides. No oils, soaps or other liquids. Please see the SAFETY REGULATIONS for a complete list of items not allowed on inflatables. Renter may be held responsible for damage and/or cleaning fees if in violation.


ALL INFLATABLES: Everyone should exit the inflatable – no one should be allowed to use the inflatable in the rain.

LIGHTNING: If lightning is present, everyone should exit the inflatable immediately.

Please read all of the SAFETY REGULATIONS in regard to renting and using our inflatables. Renter assumes responsibility of everyone’s safety and the care of the rental equipment.

Yes. When water slides are not in use, you may turn off the water supply. However, DO NOT detach, unplug or turn off the power to the blower.

Water is NOT PERMITTED on spacewalks, combo units or other dry inflatables. A cleanup fee may be chraged if you are in violation. Please follow all of the SAFETY REGULATIONS that are provided on this website.

The blower is what keeps the inflatable upright and safe for play. Unplugging the blower prematurely can cause injury and/or damage to the inflatable. Please follow the below guidelines in addition to outlines SAFETY REGULATIONS.

SPACEWALKS & COMBO UNITS: Yes. You can turn off the blower if EVERYONE is out of the spacewalk, EVERYONE is off of any attached ramps/slides and the unit is not being used. All of the blowers are equipped with a switch. Simply turn off the switch. DO NOT DETACH the blower from the inflatable.

WATER SLIDES: No. Please DO NOT turn off or unplug the blower (unless of rainy weather or lightning). If everyone is off (and out) of the slide, you can turn off the water. Turning off the power to the blower may cause personal injury, damage to the inflatable and/or cause excessive dirt/mud conditions. Additionally, turning off the blower will cause a the unit to take in water to the interior – making it very difficult to pick up.

When you rent an inflatable from Monster Jump, you are agreeing to abide by the RENTERS POLICY and SAFETY REGULATIONS listed on this website. We do require that an adult (18yrs+) be home when the bounce is setup. We will review the features of the inflatable with this individual, as well as our safety regulations. An adult MUST accompany the inflatable during usage. This person is responsible for the safety of the children, as well as, the care of the equipment by making sure that ALL safety rules and regulations are followed.

Aside from safety items, it is the responsibility of the renter to provide the required setup needs as applicable. ie. 120v Power Outlet within ~75ft, water faucet within ~100ft, etc. Please see RENTAL POLICY for specific setup requirements.

In the case of an emergency on the inflatable, have everyone exit the bounce calmly and quickly and contact Monster Jump at 985-249-1362. In case of medical injuries or fire, please contact your local 911 service immediately.

We realize that plans can change and around here, the weather changes quickly too! We will gladly refund 100% of your deposit when provided with at least 48 hours notice prior to your reservation date. See our cancellation policy in the RENTERS POLICY of our website for full details.

It’s true, many apartments/townhouses don’t provide a lot of room for a bounce house or inflatable slide. However, there are alternatives. Some potential ideas:
•Use the common area or two parking spaces side by side. (Concrete and asphalt works for spacewalks ONLY.)
•Use a relative’s house for the party.
•For communions and other church related events, look into using your church grounds.
•Check out your local parks. Many of them permit usage of inflatables and party areas.

Water slides and dry slides cannot be setup on a hard surface. Slides MUST ONLY be setup on level grass-covered ground. However, spacewalks can safely be setup on concrete or asphalt. For safety reasons, we ask that the area be cleared of sharp rocks or objects that could puncture the inflatable. We also require some one be with the unit at all times to ensure vehicles do not get near the unit.

PLEASE SEE SAFETY REGULATIONS for additional information regarding surface requirements.

The bounce is inflated with a fully enclosed blower motor unit. The blower MUST remain on for the entire time of rental for all water application rentals (such as water slides). The blower may be turned off for spacewalk units while not in use. PLEASE SEE SAFETY REGULATIONS for additional details. The blower unit must be located within ~75 feet of an electrical outlet.

Blower should be turned off in the event of rain or lightning.

There is no need to pick up your rental – delivery is included in the rental fee. In addition, due to safety concerns, we are required to set up and take down every rental. This ensures your safety, as the units can be very heavy, as well as allows us an opportunity to review the rules and regulations regarding the operation of the unit. SAFETY FIRST!

Yes. All prices include delivery and setup. Remember prices do not include sales tax.